Musical Prozac: Freelance Whales, Grimes, Lana Del Rey and more

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By Azra Kassam

“Spitting Image” — Freelance Whales

You may have heard of New York indie-rockers Freelance Whales for their soothing track “Hannah,” which I admit I still listen to on days when I just want to lay on my bed and stare at the ceiling. Their new single “Spitting Image,” off their upcoming sophomore album Diluvia, is a bit on the pop side, but holds its ground with some blissful finger-picked guitar, and electronic elements scattered in (that synth line just takes the song to a whole new level). Bassist Doris Cellar takes over the vocals for the track with smooth, airy vocals. It appears that Freelance Whales are going for a more atmospheric sound, moving away from their folky stuff, and so far it seems to be working. Diluvia hits store Oct. 9.

“Out of My Mind” — B.o.B ft. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj, rapper B.o.B, and Nicki’s booty are locked up in a mental institution in B.o.B’s music video for his latest single “Out of My Mind.” While B.oB has a serious crazy of crazy eyes going on, Minaj tries to bring him back from the dark side with — you guessed it — a lap dance. Needless to say, the video ends with B.o.B being denied parole, and he and Nicki are left in a cell to be crazy together. Who knew being insane could look so swag?

“Big Bad Wolf” — Lana Del Rey

As sweet and serene Lana Del Rey appears to be, her newly leaked track “Big Bad Wolf” will have you thinking otherwise. Dubbed as the “gangsta Nancy Sinatra,” Del Ray’s animalistic new track uses the Little Red Riding Hood story as a metaphor and begs the Big Bad Wolf to come and eat her up. Err… so it’s a little risqué, but the hipster songstress just hearts her man and wants to be his girl. Is that so wrong, people? Either way, Del Ray’s voice sounds sublime and while she ups the tempo on this track, she still sounds as authentic as always.

“Trouble” — Leona Lewis ft. Childish Gambino

We haven’t heard much from British singer Leona Lewis since her hit singly “Bleeding Love,” but she’s back with some help from rapper/comedian extraordinaire Childish Gambino for her latest single “Trouble.” The single is unusually melancholy for the likes of Gambino, but he plays the part of her distancing lover well and the track is just heart breaking. Lewis was quickly compared to Mariah Carey when “Bleeding Love” was released and it’s easy to see why. “Trouble” will be featured on Lewis’ upcoming third album “Glassheart,” released later this year.

“Genesis” — Grimes

Have you ever wondered what the inside of Grimes’ head looks like? Well, her self-directed music video for her latest single, “Genesis”, is a smorgasbord of absolute weirdness.  There’s no real story going on, and there really doesn’t need to be. Amidst the pink floor-length dreads, flaming swords, metal one-pieces, platform shoes, forest communions, deserts, pythons, and one vulgarly badass hat, Grimes throws all her imaginative force in your face, and the result is wild.

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