How to throw a house party in IKEA

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Don’t have a house to throw a party in? No biggie, this British guy cracked the code for us and posted his experience on .

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Head to IKEA and scope out the best living-room set-up with couches and home entertainment. Be completely open about your party plans with employees who question you. Everyone is welcome to your house party!!

2. Make sure to dust the counter tops and wipe off any fingerprints from previous customers. You want your temporary home to be clean.

3. Hook up your iPod speakers and play a song. It’s important to choose something with a good beat and that introduces people to the concept of what your doing. A good choice is Meek Mill’s “House Party.” If they didn’t know it was a house party before, they will now.

4. Pull out your booze. You didn’t give people enough time for BYOB so you’re going to have to pre-prepare any gin cocktails you have in mind. In this case, dude went heavy with Jack Daniels.

5. Invite people!! Customers won’t come unless you look like you’re having a fun time. So make sure to dance and smile.

6. When security inevitably crashes your party, make sure to hug all your new friends and say bye.

Watch it here:

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  1. John Smith says:

    this was shite should “partybombed it with 50+ people

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