Prankster convinces people he’s famous in Times Square

Posted on August 23, 2012 by

Even if you fancy yourself a pop culture expert, you might be surprised how easy it is to be fooled into thinking some ‘regular’ dude is a celebrity. That’s exactly what New York City’s Brett Cohen proved, when he pranked a bunch of people in Times Square.

It was simple really. Brett merely cleaned himself up, donned a nice suit and gathered an entourage that included security, photographers, bodyguards and two pushy assistant. While Brett was inside NBC Studios, his assistants and the paparazzi started creating a buzz outside. When asked who the celebrity was, they didn’t provide an answer. So the people outside were left to make something up or take a photo, hoping their Facebook friends could identify him. A crowd formed even before the fake celebrity emerged.

His brand new fans were convinced they knew who he was too — “He’s the guy with the single on the radio right?” “No, actually he’s the guy from Spider-Man, I know it.” They lined up for photos and followed him around the square.

It goes to show how easily we’re drawn into the crowd mentality — fantasizing over someone without really knowing who they are, just because everyone else is. Would you fall for it?

Watch it here:

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