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Five things I learned on PLL “Single Fright Female”

Posted on August 22, 2012 by

Jenna’s secret videos are found — Remember those secret videos the girls had of Jenna trying to seduce Toby? Well they were found and handed to — of all people — Hanna’s mom. Luckily Caleb came to the rescue and talked Hanna’s mom out of handing them to the police. Instead Hanna’s mom destroyed them. At least that’s one piece of blackmail the girls don’t have to worry about anymore.

Aria meets Maggie — After Ezra says he wants to know if his ex mother of his child Maggie is doing all right, Aria goes undercover as an undergrad student named Amy and visits Maggie. She finds out that Ezra indeed has a child! Yes a child. Excuse me while I sit here staring at the computer screen stunned, I can only imagine where this will now take us.

Ali and Paige have a history – Looks like all is really fair in love and war and by the looks of it Ali and Paige fought for the love of Emily. Just like any Ali clone Cece decided to stir some trouble in the girl’s lives by telling Spencer that Paige and Ali used to battle it out for Emily. This causes Spencer to believe that Paige could be “A.” This actually makes sense since both Maya and Ali dated Emily and were both murdered. Oh and did I mention that Spencer and Hanna found an earring in Paige’s bag that matches the earring in Ali’s grave? Wow people really do do crazy things when they’re in love.

Maya’s cousin is a freak — Okay so I’m so over liking the whole Nate and Emily duo. That dude is a freak with major anger problems! First, he basically stalks and torments Jenna and then he blows up on Emily once she admits the kiss between them was a mistake. He honestly needs to take an anger management class and chill! I’m beginning to think he might be A

Jenna’s final warning — No PLL episode would be complete without a very vague and creepy message from a cast member and this time Jenna showed up at Emily’s house and warned her to be careful who she spends time with. She could be talking about Nate or Paige. Either way, both characters just became extremely sketchy.

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