BEST DRESSED: Nina Dobrev, Josh Hutcherson, Keke Palmer and more

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By Sophall Duch

Nina Dobrev

What she wore: The Vampire Diaries star celebrated her September Ocean Drive magazine cover in a strapless graphic GUiSHEM by Guillermo Jop dress.

Why we love it: The dress has an awesome geometric pattern that takes your eyes on a journey all over the dress. It’s a sexy cocktail dress but that pattern makes it modern and cool. The solid black insets at the waist, giving her that coveted hourglass shape and an even more stunning silhouette.

Takeaway: The eye-catching graphic pattern might scare off more conservative people, however the striking black, white and grey colour-scheme makes it approachable. Dresses with black insets or black side panelling are great for all shapes and sizes because it creates an hourglass silhouette illusion. Dobrev’s dress sure is hypnotizing!

Shenae Grimes

What she wore: The 90210 actress wore a pink sheer lace LOFT top with a leather skirt and black blazer at LOFT and Giuliana Rancic’s “Live in Pink” event in West Hollywood, California.

Why we love it: If you ever heard the song “Leather and Lace” then you can see what kind of look Grimes’ was channeling, and we love it! The look mixes both sweet and feminine lace with tough and sexy leather, and adds smart and clever with her blazer (the epitome of a modern woman). But all that aside, it’s a cool look that one can rock back to school despite the sheerness of the top (obviously opt for something not as see-through). Plus the statement necklaces adds a nice touch of metallic but also doesn’t distract you form the rest of the outfit.

Takeaway: Try mixing two different styles together to get a more complex and unique look. Mixing sweet bohemian with tough rocker chick can show the world there is more to you than meets the eye.

Josh Hutcherson

What he wore: The Hunger Games star wore a Levi’s Trucker Jacket, a white tee, dark denim, and lace up Vans at CBS’ “Teacher’s Rock Special Live Concert” in Los Angeles, California.

Why we love it: Hutcherson sported the classic All-American look: jeans, a white tee and a denim jacket. I know what you’re thinking and yes the denim jacket-jeans combo is also called the Canadian Tuxedo, but that’s specific to when the wash (colour) of denim is the exact same (or very similar) for both the jacket and the pants. Opting for the darker denim, Hutcherson had more versatility with this clean and casual look, whereas if he went lighter, he wouldn’t look as cool. (If you don’t believe me, click here.)

Takeaway: Having a denim jacket is a solid investment for anyone to have and works year round, except for winter. But make sure that if you’re going to pair it with jeans go for a drastically different wash or even coloured denim. (Try sticking with khakis because it’ll make your life a lot easier.) Kate


What she wore: The actress wore a Paule Ka ensemble in London, England and an H&M blouse paired with a Diane von Furstenberg pencil skirt in Dublin, Ireland during her international press tour for Total Recall.

Why we love it: Okay, I know this is cheating but Beckinsale was on point this past week during her movie press tour and could easily take all the spots on this list (along with her co-star Jessica Biel). So it’s only fair to Kate that she gets two nods this week as opposed to one. In London, Beckinsale opted for subdued colour blocking, rocking a grey crop top and a coral waistband on her black skirt (above). In Dublinshe stood out in two bold summery colours, making the look effortless yet fun (below).

Takeaway: If you aren’t comfortable with crop tops, try stealing Beckinsale’s high waistband trick to cover your midriff. Also, wearing nude coloured pumps helped Beckinsale streamline the bright colours wore in Dublin.

Keke Palmer

What she wore: The star of True Jackson, VP was photographed in a colourful funky geometric short suit and cream crop top at the red carpet premiere of Sparkle.

Why we love it: The look makes a bold statement and has everything from colour to bold geometric prints to high-waisted shorts, etc. This is the perfect summer suit for someone who’s not afraid to take fashion risks!

Takeaway: There’s always emphasis on getting the perfect summer dress, which is fine, but if you really want options for the summer try a summer suit for parties, weddings, graduations, whatever! Plus you can mix and match the bottoms and the blazers with other items in your closet giving you even more options (yay separates!).

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  1. Keke Palmer is not well dressed at all, this looks like a bad gipsy style, she took the risk and failed …Shanae Grimes’ shoes are fabulous… Kate Beckinsale made them all, her look is the best, check out her profile on

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