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Tumblr Tuesday: JoBros are back, Niall gets wild at VFest and countless iPhone cases

Posted on August 21, 2012 by

The JoBros are back

Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas are coming back into our lives! Last night, the trio hit up their fans on Ustream where they gave them a sneak peek to their upcoming album as well as their new app you can download. Are you excited for their comeback or totally over them?

Niall Horan parties it up at V Fest

One Direction’s Niall Horan hit up V Fest, with his party pals while being slightly undercover with those shades. Seems like even though Caroline Flack’s romance with Harry Styles is over, there’s still some friendship going on with another member of 1D who joined along for the fun.

Demi turns the big 2-0! 

Yesterday Ms. Demi Lovato turned 20-years-old. I don’t know about you, but it feels like forever until we finally get to watch X-Factor. I can’t wait to see how Demi interacts with Simon (we all know about Simon + Paula back in American Idol days). The 2 night X-Factor premiere starts September 12 & 13.

Snack time anyone?

I might actually have to step up my game when company comes over. Looks like a bag of chips and timbits aren’t enough.. *shameful walk to the kitchen*

Arm candy

As pretty as these pastel bracelets look, they are actually really easy to make while watching DIY videos on the internet. You can save a bunch of money by making them for yourself and even charging a small, discounted price for your friends. Who doesn’t love easy money?

Drop it like it’s hot

Whenever you don’t see a member of The Wanted on stage performing, you’ll most likely catch them with a bottle of beer in hand (or swimming with sharks). Jay McGuiness was backstage at the MixTape festival over the weekend and couldn’t help but bust a move.

The most adorable kitten I’ve seen all day

You should know by now that ANDPOP loves kittens, especially the really cute/funny videos of them in our “internet crack.” How precious is this little guy though? He looks like he’s really comfortable on those fresh sheets.

Justin Bieber is always right

Justin Bieber joined a bunch of other celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and more for “Fashion’s Night Out,” that will take place early next month. Money raised from T-shirt sales will go towards the NYC Aids Fund. When doesn’t he do something charitable?

Cause having only one phone case isn’t enough

If you have an iPhone, you’ll know that shopping for phone cases is like shopping for a baby. They’re all so cute, you can’t choose and you end up being broke. At least it’s worth it in the end because your phone is ALWAYS with you, right?

My fave childhood game right here

Hungry Hungry Hippos was quite possibly my favourite board game as a child, well until my mom took away the balls because it was a choking hazard towards my brother.

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