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Box wine transforms garden party from classy to crunk

Posted on August 21, 2012 by

There’s nothing quite so distinguished as hosting a box wine garden party on a sunny afternoon. It’s a classy milieu that inspires guests to don shady fedoras and drape delicate cashmere cardigans over their shoulders — perhaps carry croquet mallets and French bread as accessories.

Ah yes, wine tasting is a sophisticated affair, until you slam back your first glass, causing you to slowly lose your fake Victorian accent — not to mention your cool.

As everyone knows, I’m obsessing over sketch comedy group . Every once in a while the crew will perform alcohol taste tests. And by taste tests, I mean they get crunked off the drink du jour so you can gauge what erratic symptoms you might experience (drunk calls, tantrums, increased horniness, vomiting). They’re really doing you a favour here.

In this round, Miles, Alexis and Nick taste Almaden Box Wine. And don’t worry, medical supervision was provided by Nurse Brittany.

Watch it here:


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