Musical Prozac: Rita Ora, Kelly Clarkson, Green Day and more

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“Call Me Maybe (Cover)” — Kelly Clarkson

Every show, Kelly Clarkson lets a fan from the audience choose a song for her to sing, which is why we’ve been hearing her cover tracks like Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” and Britney Spears’ “Everytime.” This time, a few people in the audience asked her to cover Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” We’ve heard tons of renditions of this track but this simplified version works because we really get to focus on a catchy melody and great vocals.

“You’re Gonna Love This” — 3OH!3

Poor 3OH!3…they started the whole pop/rap/dance/auto tune/alcoholic/patterned pants craze and LMFAO and Kesha swooped right in and stole their thunder.  The duo hasn’t given up though and in the name of all that is outrageous and obnoxious, I give you “You’re Gonna Love This,” off their newest album Omens. The music video for the track is pretty simple. They both try to win over the same girl, one-upping each other by throwing things and aiming really well.  Unfortunately, the girl in the video is totally unimpressed and gets whisked away by a Tom Cruise look-a-like, leaving the boys to find some other fish in the sea.

“Kill the DJ”— Green Day

Punk-rockers Green Day recently released “Oh Love,” the massively popular lead single from their upcoming album ¡Uno! Keeping their momentum going, the boys just unleashed their second single, “Kill the DJ,” in which lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong begs to kill a DJ in various ways. I’m not sure what the DJ ever did to Billie Joe and the gang or why he deserves such an unfriendly reception, but as Green Day’s first attempt at a dance song, the jam is certainly a toe-tapper.  With a killer beat, infectious lyrics, and groovy guitars, it’s nice to see Green Day evolving and trying new sounds. ¡Uno! drops Sept. 25.

“Celebrate” — Mika ft. Pharrell

British singer-songwriter Mika has some important words of advice. When stuck in a slump, just go out, party, and forget your troubles! He does just that in the video for his first single “Celebrate,” off his upcoming album The Origin of Love. In the video, Mika sits at a piano, looking beautiful as ever, but just can’t seem to write the perfect song. After hours and hours of slaving away, he decides to head out to a club, hit on some girls, shred up his failed work and have a confetti party. Sounds pretty fun to me!

“What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction)” — Rita Ora

Blonde bombshell Rita Ora paid tribute to her British counterparts One Direction on BBC’s Radio 1. The Roc Nation songstress covered 1D’s “What Makes You Beautiful,” with her own sassy spin.  With three backup singers, a piano, and acoustic guitar, Ora stripped down the pop hit into a soulful, heartfelt ballad. Ora just keeps getting rising in popularity as the days lead up to her album’s debut, and with performances like this, the woman is definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with. Rita Ora’s first album, Ora, will be released on Aug. 27.

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