TRENDS: Briefcase inspired bags and chunky knit sweaters

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TREND: Briefcase inspired bags

I was always excited to go back to school because it meant getting to buy new things. Asides from the obligatory pens and notebooks, September also meant a new school bag. Just in case you wanted to look a little different from your Hershel Supply Co. and Jansport toting friends, why not try buying a briefcase? While classic Cambridge satchel has been making it rounds last year with its eye-popping neon shades, their bags also come in good old brown, black and navy. A cheaper alternative is to dig through a couple of vintage stores or flea markets. I bought mine for $20 last year and I’m still getting compliments on it.


TREND: Knit Sweaters

This is probably looking like the old man trend report right now, but I can’t help that Selena Gomez’s Teen Vogue shoot continues to inspire me. Oversized knit sweaters are worlds away from this summer’s light, neon accented style. Also, I really can’t think of anything better than cozing up in a big sweater on a cold, crisp fall morning. It’ll add texture to any look and is less frightening than the mohair sweaters from a couple of seasons ago. Don’t forget to also keep an eye out for chic, not Christmas cheesy, graphics to keep your look interesting.


WTF: Leather toe shoes

First of all, I just want to say that I understand the point of toe shoes. I’ve watched two Ironman triathlons and have heard about the benefits of walking around (almost) bare feet. Also, I know leather sneakers are becoming more acceptable in the workplace but leather toe shoes have gone too far.

These pair of leather toes shoes from Vibram made their way around the menswear tradeshows and will potentially enter the market next year. They’re supposed to be workplace friendly, but I personally think it will ruin any professional look you manage to put together. Seriously, would you be able to take anyone seriously if you saw their feet encased in those? I wouldn’t because I know there are beautiful pairs of double monks and leather loafers you could’ve bought instead.

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