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Top five moments you need to see from last night’s SYTYCD, Top 14

Posted on August 16, 2012 by

By Jasmine Williams

After a two-week hiatus for another popular televised competition (wink wink), So You Think You Can Dance is finally back! And following on the heels of the USA’s stellar performance in said competition, the pressure is certainly on for the Top 14 to deliver.

This week, the dancers are faced with the monumentally nerve-wracking task this week of recreating Emmy-winning choreographer/resident goddess Mia Michael’s routines from previous seasons while keeping in mind the fact that four of them will be going home almost immediately afterward. You can’t see it, but I’m sympathy-sweating right now. But, the SYTYCD-geek in me can’t wait to see those old routines!

Here are my favourite moments from this week’s episode:

1. Michael Nunn and Billy TrevittWhile I love a celebrity guest judge, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson is my new BFF (though he doesn’t know it yet), I love it even more when they bring in the professionals. The “Ballet Boys” had some really enlightening comments and added a nice balance to the campiness of Mary’s shouting and Nigel’s slightly-lecherous old man commentary. Who else cringed when he mentioned “Fifty Shades of Grey”? Also, I thought it was adorable (albeit slightly pretentious) how they didn’t know any of the routines or who SYTYCD alum Titch Twitch was.

2. Holy props, Batman

Mia Michaels’ group performance had everything: rope climbing, roses, girls in hoop skirts, and a single, stolen kiss. While it was almost overwhelming at times, the dancers’ pulled it off flawlessly, swinging from those ropes like Gothic Victorian Tarzans. Yes, that’s a thing. Well, now it is.

3. Janelle and Dareian’s Bed routine

I completely disagreed with the judges on this one. Okay, not completely, but unlike the earlier routines of the night, I really felt they added their own spin to such an iconic piece, contrary to what the panel said. Janelle channeled her own heartbreak into it and Dareian added some athletic flips and his incredible technique. While they could have worked on having more chemistry with each other, their individual passion was great to watch. Or maybe it’s just the nostalgia talking.

4. Lindsay and Cole’s Addiction

This was definitely the best routine of the night. Cole was so quirky and chilling, it gave me goosebumps. He has this amazing ability to transform himself in every dance he does and this type of role was perfect for him. Lindsay also played the part of the victim very well, and some of the close-ups on her face really showed off her acting chops. The fear in her eyes when Cole placed a hand over her mouth was so believable; I wanted to jump into the screen and save her!

5. The eliminations

While it wasn’t one of my favourite moments of the show, it was still an important one. Amelia, Janelle, Matthew and Dareian were eliminated and Lindsay and George were saved, and I must say that I agreed with the judges on this one. Lindsay and George were certainly the strongest out of the bottom six solos. And the bright side? New couples!

See you next week everybody!

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