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Hits and Misses: Robert Pattinson, Ryan Lochte and more

Posted on August 16, 2012 by

In the world of celebrity news, there’s no shortage of hits and misses. This week, Robert Pattinson gets funny on Good Morning America and Ryan Lochte lands a cameo on 90210.

HIT: Robert Pattinson delivers a zinger during one awkward interview

The Good Morning America crew is no Jon Stewart when it comes to comedy, but at least Pattinson was able to deliver his own zinger about the bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch they presented him in lieu of ice cream.  “I’d like my fans to know that Cinnamon Toast Crunch only has 30 calories a bowl in it.” Start the slow clap.

MISS: Ryan Lochte lands a 90210 cameo

Lochte has what I like to call the “David Beckham” problem. Both are incredible athletes and they look damn good, but when they open their mouths, the illusion is shattered. While Beckham’s voice doesn’t match his physique, Lochte’s less than eloquent speech and tweets just makes me wish I never heard him talk. Adding to this is his less than impressive bit in Funny or Die’s “Olympic Ticket Scalper” video which also starred Sir Patrick Stewart, Simon Pegg and Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams. I really hope the 90210 writers give him one really easy line because I don’t think he can handle anything more than that.

HIT: Jennifer Aniston gets engaged

Aniston’s boyfriend Justin Theroux finally popped the big question on his birthday last Friday. Aniston reportedly cried tears of joy while tabloid editors wept for the end of their favourite tabloid storyline. Good riddance to all the Jen vs. Angie headlines that have plagued us. The only time I want to see an Angie headline is when Big Ange is laying down the law on Mob Wives.

MISS: Lil Wayne rumoured to quit rapping for skateboarding

If you’ve been following Lil Wayne on Twitter, it’s no secret that the rapper is really into skateboarding nowadays. He’s been hanging out with a number of pros and even injured himself earlier this year. “”I picked up the skateboard and I thought it’d be a hobby and what happened is it’s a lifestyle…,” he said in a radio interview with Atlanta’s HOT107.9. “Rap is taking a backseat to skating.” I really hope he doesn’t think he can turn pro that easily. Good skating is more than just flip tricks and rails. Just like rap, it’s about your flow and style, something you can’t develop in one year.

HIT: McKayla Maroney thinks her meme is funny

While talking to the press at a recent visit to the New York Stock Exchange, Maroney showed some good sportsmanship and admitted she thought her meme was funny.”When the National Anthem was playing, and it wasn’t my country, I was just thinking in my head, like just dang it, and that’s what my face did,” she said. “And I guess it turned into some big thing.” Just for that, you get a gold medal in awesome.

MISS: Kris Humphries tried to send Kanye West a subpoena in a Nordstrom box

While neither Kardashian or Humphries were in court today, it was revealed that Humphries’ legal team tried to hid a subpoena for Kayne West in a Nordstrom delivery  box to force him to testify in the divorce proceedings. While Humphries’ legal team probably thought it was a smooth move, they should’ve went with a Louis Vuitton box. Kanye can’t resist LV, duh!

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