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Five things I learned on this week’s episode of PLL “What Lies Beneath”

Posted on August 15, 2012 by

1. A Letter from Maya — The girls find an old letter addressed to Emily from Maya in Hanna’s backyard, dating back to the day Maya was murdered. The letter states Emily should meet Maya at a location that seems to be blurred out due to rain and age. The girls try and figure out where Maya wanted to meet Emily and of course their research leads them to Noel  Kahn’s cabin. Here, Emily and Hanna find Maya’s bag and if that wasn’t shocking enough guess who pays Hanna and Em a surprise visit at Noel’s cottage? A!! Their visitor traps Hanna and Emily in the cabin and leaves them with this message “I am saving you for later.” Talk about creepy.

2. Ezra finds Maggie — After a whole episode of fighting and not talking, Ezra finally tells Aria that he found Maggie. I’m personally curious to find out what this Maggie looks like and if she kept the baby. Who knows what kind of drama this will lead to?

3. Nat kisses Emily — As if Emily’s life wasn’t complicated enough, a very tearful Nat appears on Emily’s doorstep hoping to snag a kiss from Emily. This time Nat’ wish is granted and I finally got the kiss I was waiting for. Too bad Paige witnesses it all from afar.

4. Maya’s murder caught on camera — A surprising turn of events happened on this week’s episode. Noel  Kahn actually tries to help the girls out. Noel sends Spencer a security tape from his cabin on the night of Maya’s murder. After carefully observation, Spencer learns Garrett could not have killed Maya because he was arrested at midnight while the tape shows Maya being killed around 1 am. This means Maya and Ali’s killer is still out there, sending chills down my spine.

5. Ella and the coffee boy — My favourite coffee boy is back and this time he’s officially going steady with Ella. I just hope this relationship lasts because I would love to see this caffeinated hunk have more screen time.

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