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China found their own Adele on The Voice

Posted on August 15, 2012 by

You guys!! China has it’s very own version of The Voice and they discovered a teenage girl who could become a new Adele. She sang the British powerhouse’s “Someone Like You” and stunned the judges, some of whom fought back tears. All four judges turned their chairs around.

Do you think she compares?

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5 Responses to “China found their own Adele on The Voice”

  1. J BREEZY!! says:


  2. holy crap! i want this girl to do an album i dont care what language it’s in i’d buy it

  3. starbella525 says:


  4. Numen Noomen says:

    oh my god she has strong voice i like her so much i think she have to be a super star

  5. celeste reeves says:

    awesome she is really good and yes china you did find your adele over there

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