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Tumblr Tuesday: Closing ceremonies, The Wanted get shocked and ice-cream dares

Posted on August 14, 2012 by

VIVA FOREVER! Spice Girls bring me back to my childhood

My five fave woman who taught me all there is to know (Girl power) performed at the closing ceremony for the London 2012 Olympic Games. If you were on Twitter while it happened, guys and girls of all ages were stoked for this one night reunion. I wish it could last a little bit longer, with another reunion tour..please? [j13jackson]

The Wanted play electric dog collar game #ouch

If there’s one “boy band” out there today that doesn’t care what they say, when they say it and are totally unleashed, it’s The Wanted. During an interview in New Zealand, the lads played a trivia game where Nathan and Jay had to wear an electric dog collar around their neck. (Okay seriously, how did they get away with this?) At least the guys were great sports and the whole thing was hilarious to watch.  [jayssword]

Taylor Swift shares secrets on LIVE chat!

Last night, Taylor Swift had a live chat with all of her swifties and shared some secrets about brand new music and her upcoming album Red, out this October. The newest track that went straight to #1 on iTunes is titled, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Hmm, which ex do you think it could be about?  [tumboy]

Food frenzy

Okay, not only is this self explanatory, but it’s too cute. I couldn’t help it. Taco night anyone? [tastefullyoffensive]

Do some back to school cleaning

I always look at other people’s bedrooms on Tumblr and think to myself, why can’t I live there? In reality, you can easily clean up your area, and make it look like the dream space you always wished for. [itslatingirl]

Sweet tooth

Everyone should have a bucket list, or at least know of things they want to do before they die. If you aren’t into extreme things such as skydiving, or swimming with sharks, spend a day trying a taste of every single ice cream flavour. I dare you.  [whatiwanttodo-beforeidie]

Jessie J rocks the closing ceremonies (and that outfit)

She has the pipes and the looks! Jessie J sang some of her own hits at the Olympics closing ceremonies as well as rocked out along side Queen, Taio Cruz and more. Can we take a moment and look at her outfit? [jessiej-]

Wait stay still, how many medals is that Tom Daley?

It’s kinda sad that the Olympics are now at an end because we won’t be seeing this beautiful face on our TV screens everyday. Olympic diver Tom Daley, finished off with Bronze and I’m sure if his dad was here today, he would be very proud! [asdgfhrhntrbhfhghghdt]

Beware: Directioners

There’s many different fan bases, but when it comes to One Direction fans, things can get a little bit out of hand. If you’re a directioner, share a story with us (such as sneaking into their hotel room).  [partyinghardwithonedirection]

Where do I belong?

Do you live in so called “Narnia” where nothing happens, no one visits, you want to break away and start something new? [callherv]

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