This is probably the worst anti-drug ad we’ve seen

Posted on August 13, 2012 by

What we took away from this anti-drug PSA: Don’t do drugs or else your dad will go cray and bust your television with a baseball bat. Instead of listing out the serious dangers and consequences of doing drugs, Drugfree.org created a confusing PSA that seems to come across more as a commercial for Anger Management classes.

Another option: Dad, sit down (sans baseball bat) and TALK TO YOUR SON LIKE A NORMAL PERSON. The tagline is “Sometimes what you want to do isn’t what you should do.” In this case, we’re confused at whether it’s directed at the kid or the parent… In either case, it’s badvertising.

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One response to “This is probably the worst anti-drug ad we’ve seen”

  1. whoever makes these commercials needs some drugs… maybe theyll help them come up with more creative ideas

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