Mountain Dew naively asks Internet to choose next drink name, 4Chan responds

Posted on August 13, 2012 by

I think Mountain Dew is brand new to the Internet, because they naively decided to accept open suggestions from  online folks for their new green apple-infused drink. Unfortunately, the good people of 4Chan caught wind of the online contest called “Dub the Dew.”

The 4Chan community descended upon the contest and wreaked havoc, suggesting names like “Fapple,” “Gushing Granny” and “Hitler did nothing wrong.” The Bronies even got Applejack into the top two spot at one point, which is the name of one of the My Little Pony characters.

Since then, Mountain Dew has shut down the website and closed voting, however a mirror version of the site exists. Hopefully they won’t take any of these suggestions — I think I’d be afraid to see whatever rated-R ad campaign they’d come up with.

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