‘The New Normal’ gives new definition to the concept of family

Posted on August 11, 2012 by

With September around the corner, this means a bunch of new sitcoms will be making their way into Primetime television. One of these shows are none other than Glee producer Ryan Murphy’s  ‘The New Normal’, which is set to premiere on September 11.

The new comedic series features gay couple David (Justin Bartha) and Bryan (Andrew Rannells) who are hoping to start a family through a surrogate, single mother Goldie (Georgia King).   Also starring on the show, is Ellen Barkin as Goldie’s bigoted grandmother Jane, Bebe Woods as Goldie’s bright and precocious daughter Shania and NeNe Leakes as Bryan’s sassy assistant Rocky.

An extended trailer for the show released just yesterday, and it’s already proving to show a lot of potential for laughs and even some tears.  Personally, my favourite line in the trailer is when Justin Bartha’s character tells his partner, “You know you can’t return a baby to Barney’s.”

What do you think of this upcoming series? The concept here sounds quite similar to the hilarious Modern Family, but it isn’t fair to make comparisons before giving this show a shot first!

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