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Twitter Stalking: The Wanted, Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen

Posted on August 10, 2012 by

The Wanted

Looks like the British bad boys had some time off while on tour in Australia. Max George broke the news on Twitter, “So….. In 2 hours from now I’m gonna be swimming with sharks 4m’s long!! Never been so hyped!!!” Seems like after a whole lot of convincing, all the lads ended up joining in except Nathan Sykes. He tweeted, “To people saying that we should join max, I think you are slightly confused about our sanity …” I actually don’t blame him though. Don’t worry Nath, you and I can sit from the other side of the glass and just wave. Following the eventful experience, Max George seemed the most excited with countless tweets, “Best thing I’ve ever done… My love for sharks had just doubled!!!” “My new friend!!” and “Lifting a sand tiger shark with 2 fingers!!” Jay McGuiness tweeted the photo above saying, “Didn’t bite me cause he could tell I was a vegetarian. #SharkWhisperer”

Cody Simpson

Really Cody…really? It’s okay we don’t mind (even though you’re 15-years-old). It’s quite obvious you just want to show off your jacked bod and read all your Angel’s reactions. The Instagram he posted reminds me of his “Wish U Were Here” acoustic performance, that he first did for us a month back. Yes I know, we’re so lucky! Looks like the pic caught the eye of Kendall Jenner, who instantly tweeted him back:

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been packing it in the gym and rehearsals everyday, leading up towards his anticipated Believe Tour. Members of his crew have sent out countless tweets about how well they have been going, leaving Beliebers hanging on what they can expect this fall. Maybe someone can be his “Girlfriend” for the night instead of a OLLG, will he get shirtless (and no, not just a little peek) or maybe even a hologram will appear of a young Kidrauhl? I’m getting a little too ahead of myself, but whatever happens, I know that it’s going to make HISTORY! The tour starts on September 29th in Glendale, Arizona.

Carly Rae Jepsen 


“Call Me Maybe” has already spent 9 weeks in a row, stealing the #1 spot on Billboard, cray-cray! I’m so excited to hear new music from this sweet Canadian, and we are in luck! Carly has been tweeting out clues as to what the name of her album would be called. Kiss will be released on September 17th which is actually perfect timing because she’ll be off to join Justin Bieber on tour. Look out for her!

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