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Victoria Abraham defines one up and coming artist each week so you can impress your friends with your musical brilliance. This week, she tackles AlunaGeorge, a duo from London, England.

If you’re into musical pairs where each half perfectly complements the other while remaining distinct, then AlunaGeorge are just the two for you. This duo offers an eclectic mix of UK garage, R&B and pop. Basically they are an indie R&B band, which means they are the best kind of oxymoron. Plus they have British accents.

Band members: Aluna Francis and George Reid

Known for: These Brits are known for George’s clear-cut production style and Aluna’s squeaky, contagious voice.

Used in a sentence: AlunaGeorge are a delicious musical hybrid that will make you press the repeat button again and again.

Download now: “You Know You Like It”

File next to: Noosha Fox, Dirty Projectors

Fast facts: Aluna once worked as a tiler for her friend, while George used to be part of the band Colour. The two met on the Internet while working on separate projects and their musical union was forged when George remixed “Sweetheart” featuring Aluna’s vocals. Even though they met on the Internet, they don’t have a Wikipedia page.


2010: The band formed. They  have already garnered the attention of Rob Da Bank of UK Radio 1. One of their tracks was also featured on the US series Skins.

May 2011: They released their debut single “Analyser/We Are Chosen.”

Present: They are currently working on their debut album, and planning a European tour. They also just released their newest EP, “You Know You Like It.”

Notable lyrics: In “You Know You Like It” AlunaGeorge sing about forging their own path and having a good time doing it.

Some people want me to be heads or tails/I say no way, try again, another day/I should be happy, not tipping the scales/I just won’t play letting my life get away/I’m no fool, no, I’m not a follower/I don’t take things as they come/If they bring me down/Life can be cruel if you’re a dreamer/I just wanna have some fun/Don’t tell me what can’t be done


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