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Yet another Star Wars parody: C3-Bieb-O wants to be your “Droidfriend”

Posted on August 7, 2012 by

I’ve come to the conclusion that anything popular will somehow spurn a Star Wars parody. It’s basically like the porn industry but safe for work.

Since Justin Bieber still reigns supreme and we can’t go a day without talking about the well-coiffed superstar, here’s the latest Star Wars parody, a new spin on “Boyfriend.” “Droidfriend” stars C3-Bieb-O, a lonely droid who wants to be your friend.

The original Bieber would have to admit that this droid has some swag: C3-Bieb-O has a spiffy haircut, has the falsetto down and is dancing with all the hot lifeforms. Just make sure to watch it all to catch the heartbreaking end.

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