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the Warblers cover “I want you back” in a deleted scene

Posted on August 7, 2012 by

Even though I’ve stopped watching Glee (shh… I read the recaps), I do love Darren Criss, his classy style and of course, their covers in general.

Apparently, they’ve been covering so much more music that they’ve actually had to cut some musical numbers out of the episodes. Showrunner Ryan Murphy has thankfully been uploading some deleted scenes so we don’t have to wait until the DVDs drop to watch them all.

In this clip, The Warblers cover The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back”  without Criss’ Blaine. It’s a pretty good number but too bad the new Warbler frontman Sebastian had to ruin it all at the end. The fancy haircut gets all sassy which prompts the Queen of Sass, Santana to throw it right back.

Just wait until the very end to see why I’m not going to be able to stop associating Glee’s Sebastian with the Little Mermaid’s Prince Eric.

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