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TV Recap: Caleb is back on Pretty Little Liar’s “Stolen Kisses”

Posted on August 1, 2012 by

On this week’s episode of PLL’s “Stolen Kisses,” the girls work on trying to crack the password to Maya’s website and they find out a few things…

Here are five things I learned on last night’s episode: 

1. Caleb is back — Caleb returns to Rosewood and his first encounter with Hanna is while she’s having a coffee meeting with Wren. Talk about awkward! But conveniently, he returns to Rosewood just when the girls need him to crack Maya’s password. Don’t you just love how Hollywood works sometimes? Caleb, being the pro that he is, cracks Maya’s password and opens her personal vlog. Surprise, surprise, Maya took a video right before she was killed that explains how she needs to face her fears, just as Garret’s police car lights come into the frame. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of that video in next week’s episode.

2. “A” tried to get rid of Mona — Just when the girls think they finally have a key to all their answers, “A” interferes and tries to shake them up. This week, Wren tells Hanna that the board at the insane asylum is trying to transfer Mona to a center in Saratoga. This is followed by a text from “A” that says now that Mona is out of the way Hanna is next. Lucky for us Hanna confronts the board and gives a touching speech arguing the right for Mona to stay in Rosewood. Just like every happy beginning, Mona is allowed to stay and Hanna kisses Wren… yes you heard me Hanna kisses Wren…. Killing me and all my Wren and Spencer dreams.

3. Emily has another flashback – Well she sort of does. After awkwardly avoiding each other, Emily finally confronts Paige to see what’s up. We later find out that the reason Paige has been avoiding Emily is because on the night that Ali’s grave was dug up Emily went to Paige’s house and kissed her and then left. Talk about playing a little ding dong ditch! This later results in Emily and Paige kissing for real and possibly finally becoming a couple. …Goodbye Nate…at least for now.

4. Ezra’s real last name is Fitzgerald — Finally every Ezria fan’s dream comes true. Aria finally meets Ezra’s mother and it turns out he has MONEY and when I say money I mean MONEY MONEY MONEY. But of course, like every stereotypical snobby rich mother she doesn’t approve of Ezra dating Aria and confronts her on how she thinks Aria is ruining his life. Where this leaves Aria and Ezra’s relationship, I do not know. I guess we’ll have to tune in next week and see. But if they break up again I swear, life as I know it will not be okay!

A new witness in Garrett’s case has been discovered — When Spencer comes home one day after school she finds her mom’s briefcase laying on the floor and just like every snoopy daughter she goes through it and finds Garrett’s case file, in which she discovers there’s a witness that her mom is trying to get a hold of. Aria takes this information and confronts the witness. It turns out this witness saw Maya get into Garrett’s car the night of her murder. If Garrett is really is innocent what does this new info mean for the Maya and Ali case?

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