How to attack someone with a trust fall

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When I first started high school, our homeroom teacher made us perform an ice breaker called the “trust fall.” The exercise involves putting your LIFE in someone else’s hands by trusting them to catch you when you fall backwards to your supposed demise. Usually though, the person is prepared to catch you, which is good considering you’d fall like jelly to the ground if they weren’t ready.

This dude decides to take the game one step further by attacking unknowing victims with the trust fall. Here’s what you do: Go up to a random stranger and yell “TRUST FALL!” Then simply fall backwards and hope that they catch you. Some people rise to the occasion while others let you fall on your butt. Ultimately though, you’re the one who suffers because you risk a sore behind.

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3 Responses to “How to attack someone with a trust fall”

  1. Jesusfreak 13091 says:

    I used to do this in Middle school

  2. Kitwench says:

    Or the person catching you has carpal tunnel or some other injury and has a split second to decide whether to let you fall or injure themselves…

  3. Tdvr43 says:

    Way to go you are ripping off Daniel tosh 2 years too late.

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