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Victoria Abraham defines one up and coming artist each week so you can impress your friends with your musical brilliance. This week, she tackles Rita Ora, a British singer and actress. Her debut album, ORA, comes out this August.

Just like the DJ Fresh track that got everyone talking about her, Rita Ora is “Hot Right Now.” She expertly mixes street beats with pop, making you want to get up and dance. With her signature platinum blonde hair and bright red lips, this 21-year-old is set to blow up. Her debut album will be out this August, and she’s spending the summer opening for Coldplay.

Full name: Rita Sahatçiu Ora

Known for: Ora is known for her impressive vocal range and her edgy street style.

Used in a sentence: “Since you’re not old enough to drink, get a buzz going with Rita’s delicious musical cocktail of jazz, pop, street beats, and R&B.”

File next to: Rihanna and Aaliyah

Download now: Her new single “Roc the Life.”

Fun facts: Rita was born in Pristina, Yugoslavia (now Kosovo). But she barely spent any time there, as her family moved to London, England before she turned one. She started singing when she was six years old and her idol is Gwen Stefani.


2004: She acted in the British film Spivs.

2007: She appeared on Craig David’s track “Awkward.”

2009: After an Artist and Repertoire rep spotted her singing in a London bar, she flew out to New York to meet Jay-Z. That same year she appeared in Jay-Z’s track “Young Forever” and Drake’s track “Over.” Apparently Jay-Z liked what he saw, as she was soon signed to his label Roc Nation.

2012: At the beginning of the year, Rita released her debut U.S. single, “How We Do (Party)” In May, she released her first U.K. solo single, “R.I.P.”

Notable lyrics:

In “How We Do (Party)” Rita Ora sings about the nights you never want to end:

Cause when the sun sets baby/On the avenue/I get that drunk sex feeling/Yeah, when I’m with you/So put your arms around me baby/We’re tearing up the town/Cause that’s just how we do/We got that sweet hot loving/Dancing in the dark/Out in the streets we’re running,/Shut down every block/So, put your arms around me baby/We’re tearing up the town/Cause that’s just how we do, how we do-o-o/Yeah, that’s how we do/How we do, that’s just how we do/How we do, that’s just how we do.

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