Gifs of the week: Kanye, Kristen Stewart, Justin Bieber and more

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Kanye is a master sleuth 

From the makers of Angelina Jolie’s leg bomb (but not really) comes Kanye West spying on EVERYTHING. He is now a master sleuth, on top of being a rapper. [FameFlynet Pictures]

How could he be so bold?

Kristen Stewart And Rupert Sanders' "Fling" In One GIF

A picture’s worth a thousand words and gif is worth even more. Kristen Stewart is giving director Rupert Sanders a bit of ‘tude while motioning to his crotch. In reality, she probably just said something really mundane like “Wow, what nice jacket lapels.” [Jessica Messica]

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez record a sex tape NOT

disney buys justin bieber selena gomez sex tape to air

Come on guys! JB and Selena Gomez would never 1) Record a sex tape on an iPhone 2) Be careless enough to leave the iPhone in Starbucks. Did you buy the satirical report by Hollywood Leek and Best Movies Ever?

Chris Brown gets NO STARS EVER

This gif comes after a music reviewer gave Chris Brown’s album Fortune the rating NO STARS AFTER. Did that even need to be clarified? I thought that was settled already. See below:

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