Snoop Dogg introduces his alter ego: Snoop Lion

Posted on July 28, 2012 by

Looks like Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce isn’t the only alter ego out there.

In an effort to introduce his upcoming album “Reincarnated”, rapper Snoop Dogg has revealed an alter-ego:  Snoop Lion.

But don’t expect Snoop Lion to rap.  Releasing his new single “La La La”, the tune is actually a  slow-burning reggae production featuring the likes of from a up and coming singer named Jovi Rockwell.

Though some fans may not be used to hearing the genre exploration from Snoop, it’s not like the rapper hasn’t dabbled in it before.  He can be heard singing in his song “Sensual Seduction” and in a country ode to weed called “Roll it Up” with Willie Nelson.

Shockingly smooth with a chill vibe, Snoop definitely looks dedicated to the cause.  He has since created a Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr for his alter-ego.

What do you think of this new sound?


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