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Five performances you have to see from So You Think You Can Dance, Top 16

Posted on July 26, 2012 by

By Jasmine Williams

This week, we get to learn a little bit more about the Top 16 dancers. The weirdest tidbits? Lindsay has a foot phobia, and Eliana killed her pet bird by sleeping on it. Maybe we learned a little too much. And while the dancers’ unusual secrets might be memorable, their routines this week were definitely not. A lot of the routines didn’t quite hit the mark, and got some rough critiques from the judges. Better luck next time?

Here are the top five performances from this week’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance:

1. Charlie Chaplin-esque group routine

This number focused mysteriously around a bright red umbrella. With a bit of TV magic, the umbrella stood out beautifully against the colourless dancers. The costuming was also brilliant, complete with fake mustaches, baggy pants, and suspenders. Even the choreography seemed to mirror Chaplin’s jerky movements and odd characters. All in all, a very cool routine.

2. Amber and Brandon “sultry and soulful” jazz

I don’t know about the audience, but I felt like I needed a fan and a glass of water watching this routine. It was as hot and steamy as a summer in the deep South. Amber looked completely in her element and Brandon was a strong and supportive partner. My favourite part? When Brandon pushed a chair across the stage, which Amber sat on without even looking at it! How do they do that?!

3. Amelia and Will’s quirky contemporary

I think the best part of this routine wasn’t the actual dance but choreographer Mandy Moore hitting on Will. Seeing her jump into his arms screaming “lift me!” had me in stitches. Which Will might need since it seems Mandy has sunk her claws in him. And really costume department? You put Amelia in a suit? I know she likes to keep pale, but showing a little skin indoors wouldn’t hurt.

4. Eliana and Cyrus’ hip hop

NappyTabbs is back with the real hip hop choreo and I LOVES it! But of course, it wouldn’t be a Napoleon and Tabatha routine without some kind of weird storyline. In this instance, Eliana is a toy ballerina and Cyrus is a robot. Not much of a stretch character wise, but the sharp, robotic choreography was anything but easy. Luckily, these two pulled it off wonderfully, with Eliana proving that even ballerinas can have swag.

5. The Alvin Ailey dancers

There seems to be a trend of putting hot, muscular, talented male dancers in high-waisted flowy skirt-like things and I’m not sure I’m down with it. First Sonya now this? But even a strange costume choice can’t hide the fact that these men are phenomenal.


And now to my least favourite part. After seeing four of the bottom six contestants’ dance for their lives, Amber and Brandon were eliminated. I must say, it’s unfortunate that the new system is based on last week’s votes, since their number this week was my favourite of the night.

Anywho, see you all in two weeks!

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