Check out the cat with the monocle in Rizzle Kicks’ video “Dreamers”

Posted on July 26, 2012 by

In the Rizzle Kicks new Toby Lockerbie-directed video for “Dreamers” they’re pretty convinced they can make it to the moon and back, which we won’t argue with because those guys can pretty much do anything in LIFE.

The duo spew out the lyrics in front of a wall painted with a gigantic, trippy white cat, wearing a monocle. They rap: “I can find that place/ Up in my dreams tonight/ Where you and I/ Don’t have to fight/ Over what is right or wrong/ It’s not you who decides/ Oh this is my life.”

The track is the sixth single from their album Stereo Typical.

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  • wickyrose

    where is this cat wall??