Bow down to kid rock gods, Pinkle Tank

Posted on July 26, 2012 by

Eight-year-old Pinkle and nine-year-old Tank make up the revolutionary rock band that’s known as PinkleTank. ALL BOW DOWN TO THEM.

Here are ten things you need to know: 

1. They released their first album Get Tankled last year and their songs are available on iTunes.

2. According to their website, they are a “hybrid of rock, rap, pop and blues.”

3. Pinkle’s favourite colours are pink and purple, so she combined them to create her stage name.

4. Tank has been called Tank since birth.

5. Tank can do a mean duck walk while he plays the guitar and sings. Pinkie sings and performs high energy dances.

6. Yesterday they released their music video “Cool to be Cool,” which discourages people from being big old bullies.

7. They have also covered Adele. Watch it here:

8. According to their YouTube page, their new EP is coming out soon and they’re also releasing a new TV pilot show in Nashville TN. The show will be released early next year.

9. Their last album Get Tankled had the most awesome promo EVER. Watch it here:

10. They’re still better than Nickleback.

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