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TV Recap: Pretty Little Liars gives “Crazy” a new name

Posted on July 25, 2012 by

After this week’s episode of PLL I ‘m sure to have nightmares. I mean Mona singing still sends shivers down my spine and those dolls… those dolls… are just too much.

But just in case you missed it (lucky for you because you can now sleep peacefully) here’s this week’s recap:

1. Cece Drake, the new Ali — Just when the girls thought they had finally gotten rid of Ali’s presence in their lives, Cece Drake shows up (a.k.a ex-girlfriend of Jason and an Ali doppelgänger). Just like Ali, she knows how to stir trouble in Rosewood. She hasn’t even been there for a week but she’s already broken up Nate and Jenna. Looks like Ali has been reincarnated and now goes by the name Cece.

2. Nate has the hots for Emily – After careful observation, I’ve sensed that Nate had a little crush on Emily but in this week’s episode he finally admits it. Now all we need is for Emily to come to her senses and drop Paige for this Hottie. I mean she could be bi right? Though it is Maya’s cousin…

3. Ella starts dating again — Finally my favorite PLL mom is back on the market and after going on a date with Pastor Ted (that dude sure gets around) she meets a very attractive café owner. I look forward to seeing more of him. He could really take my mind off of the lack of Ezra scenes this season is seriously lacking!

4. Aria visits Mona – Looks like Mona is allowed visitors again and her first one was Aria. In this week’s episode, Aria pays a visit to Mona after both Hanna and Aria discover another piece of Ali’s grave in Hanna’s kitchen (an Ouija board holder). Aria goes in looking for answers but sadly comes up with nothing. This then causes both Hanna and Aria to sneak back in and interrogate Mona once more. This time, Mona leaves them with a code to crack ‘no one to save Ali from evil = not safe’ and a quote about Garrett that directs them to a website, massugar.com, which has a picture of Maya and asks for a password. Maya’s personal dairy maybe? Maybe we’ll finally get some answers over here!

5. Hanna is now being framed for Ali’s death- First Officer Wilden pays Hanna a visit, hinting that the blood found on Ali’s anklet matches Hanna’s blood and then we find out that Ali’s dad is angry at Hanna for some prank that she pulled on the DiLaurentis after Ali’s death. Later, we find out it wasn’t a prank. Hanna thought she saw Ali three days before the police found her body giving the DiLaurentis false hope. Damn. Can the girls ever catch a break?

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