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Celebrities read mean tweets: Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart and more

Posted on July 25, 2012 by

For all those people who fervently believe celebrities are in fact robots who don’t have any feelings, Jimmy Kimmel has a message for you. Pull up your pants, do some serious self reflection and STOP bullying people on Twitter. In fact, many celebrities do read your mean tweets and are hurt by them. If you insist on trolling because it’s in your genes or something, then at least use your real name.

Over the past little while, Kimmel has been rounding up celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kristen Stewart, Snooki, Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel, to read some of the mean tweets they received from the Twitterverse. Apparently Stewart was better as a boy and Snooki has a vagina as big as an ocean (unnecessary rumor control: neither of these are true).

Ultimately, I think it’s a good idea that Twitter and YouTube are encouraging people to buck up and use their real names so they can clean up the discourse. Here’s the test: if you wouldn’t post a comment with your real name, then it’s best no to post it at all!

Watch it here:

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27 Responses to “Celebrities read mean tweets: Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart and more”

  1. OldSailor says:

    I like all those folks. I am sorry they had to see that kind of crap, but I respect that they had the gonads to do it VERY MUCH! And, Katy, you are really cute as hell.

  2. Painpleaser says:

    First off I would really like to start off by saying what the F### is wrong with people for starters this isn’t funny these people actually read these things and second of all whats the matter with you as Joker said it perfectly in Dark Knight what happened  did your balls fall off did your Feelings get hurt by these actors because you F###### A$$ H####

  3. KatyPerryBlows says:

    Nobody should like Katy Perry. I agree with his Tweet. I made a account on this stupid site to say that Katy Perry should be sent to the sun. After getting tortured for hours by watching her shitty movie

  4. Angelo Suppa says:

    Nothing wrong with katy perry and i love zoey deschanel! 

  5. Drizzty says:

    I would send bieber to hades for a snickers.  I don’t even like snickers.

  6. Xinimon says:

    What people lack is appreciation, music evolves and if you are not in step then stfu and be a hipster.

    • Brad G says:

       No. It’s a difference between quality and noise. I like music that comes out today, I really do. But most of the crap that comes out of people like Bieber and Perry are just pointless. Look at the complexity of the lyrics and then tell me it has value. Most of it is for teen/club-hopping douches that like to listen to repetitive beats and lyrics for hours on end while grinding.

      Music does evolve, and there are certain strains which come and go. They die.

      Figure this out: Who is the fanbase for these people? Do they stay fans? No, they’re fans for a few months, maybe a year, and then they move on to something else. It’s called pop music because it’s popular with a large amount of people (i.e. young people who DON’T have an appreciation for music) who swallow it, digest, and move on to something newer and more exciting.

      I make no preconceptions about era or music genre. I listen to songs that I think sound decent. If a kid can sing and it sounds good, I’ll listen. I give anything a shot, at least once. But don’t you tell me that Bieber’s “Baby” is anything short of an annoying turd.

      Again, music comes and goes. Cite for me 50 pop songs from the 70s. You could probably name five. The rest of it from that era washes away as wreckage, just like most of these songs which are “the best evar” will soon.

      In my opinion, this type of music is a de-evolution in music. Pop music has slowly gotten less complex in its melodies and lyrics. I believe we’re slowly reaching a day where a song can and will be one word, repeated to a repetitive beat which will sell millions upon millions of records. I appreciate music, I don’t want that to happen.

      In short: Get over yourself. The music you’re defending is drivel. Many people will hate it based on it being the popular thing to do, but some people actually think logically and dislike it for being terrible.

      Also: I’ve never listened to Zooey so I can’t say anything about her, but Perry and Bieber…should just stop, or make better songs. They have talent; just nothing worthwhile to place it in.

    • Nate Fehrenbach says:

      except that according to scientific studies music is actually devolving

    • Josh says:

      You call this modern day crap… Music? Music is an expression it is not meant to be “Party and Party and Party and YEAH.” It is meant to be an expression of the author’s heart and what they truly believe in. Do you realize the difference between good music and bad music is the lyrics? Good music Eg. Stairway to Heaven, Free Bird and hell, even some of the newer songs, tell a STORY. There is a MEANING to their songs. And trust me, if you can put feeling into a song, it will sound 10x better. I play guitar and when I actually decide to play guitar pertaining to my mood, it sounds better. Angry gets Metal, sad gets sort of a classical tone. What kind of feeling does the modern music portray? Drunk idiots screwing around. 

  7. Thao says:

    I’m sure those celebrities are fully aware that people hate them and love them as well. 
    Let’s not get all sensitive and take away our own right to have an opinion.

    • Peter Felsmann says:

      it’s not about taking rights away, it’s a request that folks have the fortitude and integrity to state their opinions, and STAND by those opinions, by using their real name.
      otherwise it’s being chicken-hearted.
      My name is Peter Felsmann

  8. Bangarang says:

    please give us 2 pac? how about justin bieber and kristen stweart? its a 2 for 1 deal 

  9. BB says:

    You all are reading wayyyyy too into this. Just stop being douches? I think that was the general request. lmao

  10. Hey says:

    i would put something in biebers hole

  11. Juanpi says:

    If they would want trolling to be stopped. Then all this so called celebrities should stop being a joke. Justin bieber, katy perry, pauly d, snooki and such. Theyre all jokes. Some are celebrities for being literally brain dead… Since when has that attracted a good crowd. Stop airing illiterate shows like jersey shore and perhaps trolling would stop at a certain level on certain “celebrities” 

  12. The humor blunted the point.

  13. UlubaI says:

    My name is Tony Smith and I endorse trolling “celebrities”

  14. Guest says:

    Even though,I might not enjoy that person I wouldn’t go around doing that to them! Thats tereble!

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