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Tumblr Tuesday: Floral cases, real life Barbie and roller coaster hype

Posted on July 24, 2012 by

Phone Case

Make your iPhone look a little more fancy with these floral and studded cases. It’s also super easy to bedazzle a plain case and personalize it yourself.  [darkandchaos]

When he thanks his Beliebers, you better believe it!

You can’t get any more sincere than this. Justin Bieber performed “Boyfriend” and “As Long As You Love” me at the Teen Choice Award’s Sunday night. [neverletugos]

DIY: Skulls

Grab a pair of scissors and turn an old/plain tee into a design you’ll love. Not only will it look super fashionable, you’ll get that summer breeze. [hypegyal]

Adrenaline rush!

One of my favourite things about summer is going to amusement parks. You’re just sitting in your seat waiting for the ticker to begin, AHHH!  [littlereasonstosmile]


Who wants cupcakes when you can have…cookie cupcakes? NOM [hidd3n-m3ss]

Selena says goodbye to her teen years

Selena Gomez turned 20 years-old at the TCA’s on Sunday. The whole audience sang to her before she blew out the candles (wait aren’t those sparkers?) [selena-go-news]

Internet addiction may cause…

Whether you spend one hour or ten hours on the computer per day, you’ll probably pick up on these habits.   [caaaarolinaa]

Rita Ora tells you how to party

You better listen to the newest British singer/songwriter Rita Ora. Check out her new single “How We Do (Party)” [throw-a-key]

Barbie in real life

When I was a kid, I played with my Barbies like there was no tomorrow. I’d place four in my pink toy convertible and pretend they were off to the pool. But a pool IN a car beats everything. [iziaa]


I always told myself that one day I’d spin a globe and stop it with my finger on a destination. Would you ever hitchhike to an unknown location? [tumblr]

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