ADVERTORIAL: Mike and Ike shock fans with break-up

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Mike and Ike are the epitome of what makes a perfect relationship, so I was devastated to hear about their surprise breakup. If you’re living in some form of hard-shell bubble, Mike and Ike couldn’t agree on their ideas for a new fruit chewy candy.  So Mike took off to focus on his serious music career while Ike is collecting and creating cool, occasionally upscale, urban art. Now the company is trying their darndest to get the couple back together.

The tragic breakup was difficult for most of us to get through without a box of tissues, some candy, ice cream and repeat viewings of tragic comedies starring Jennifer Aniston (she always gets us through tough times). It was especially tough on celebrities who were forced to publicly choose teams, creating a discernable schism.

“Mike without Ike just doesn’t seem possible,” NBA star Lamar Odom told reporters. “When I heard the news I was devastated.”

Although ADORBZ singer Greyson Chance tried to remain positive, you could tell it was too much for him to handle in this celebrity PSA:

Since their split, both Mike and Ike have been indulging in their own adventures and blogging about them on Tumblr. While Mike’s been all into music, even working on his own record deal, Ike has been showing his artwork in fancy schmancy galleries.  At least SOME good came of the breakup as we can now keep tabs on what they’re doing… not that we’re keeping track of who’s “winning” the breakup, right? 

Sometimes when I’m trying to get through something tough it helps if I express myself creatively. Mike and Ike have now set their sights on Canada, and they’re giving you the chance to win a 46” LCD Samsung television by designing and submitting a design for a Mike and Ike T-shirt. Second prizewinners will get Mike and Ike candy, and who can say no to that? There are tons of graphics you can use online to complete your design. For more information, check out the rules and regs here.

My thoughts? Enter the contest. Let’s do everything we can to show our support and get Mike and Ike back together.

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