Five videos you should nominate for the cat film festival

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When I first heard about the Internet Cat Video Film Festival, I’m pretty sure my entire body froze and I shot into cotton candy clouds like a rocket fuelled on rainbow sparkles. Well that’s how I felt inside but I actually looked more like this:

Finding and watching cat videos is a favourite pastime of mine. Even after I finish hunting for them at andPOP, my cat-obsessed friend and I share our faves via Gmail, like two old cat ladies who collect kitten paraphernalia (I don’t actually because that would be CRAY).

As andPOP previously reported, Minneapolis is holding a cat video film festival on Aug. 30 as part of Open Field, the Walker Art Gallery’s summer project. You can vote for your fave videos until July 30 online. While I don’t want to sway any of you in a particular direction, these are some of my personal faves. Share yours under the comment section!

Five classic cat videos: 

Most artistic: Henri the existential cat

Most dramatic: Angry cats dubbed (aka you will snot laugh) 

Best action: Kitty Corlis “Grinding the Crack”

Scariest: Cobra cat

Best personality: Maru

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