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Episode Recap: PLL, “The Remains of the ‘A'”

Posted on July 18, 2012 by

Case closed! Just like every episode of PLL, this week we got important solutions but were still left with sooo many questions.

Here are five things I learned on this week’s episode, “The Remains of the ‘A'”

1. Amber Rose’s identity is discovered — My favourite duo is back and this time they’re teaming up to uncover the identity of Amber Rose and to make sure that Garrett stays behind bars. Go Jason and Spencer! This mission is a little funny though because Amber Rose is really a little antique shop where Spencer and Jason find an anklet that Ali used to wear. They then turn it into the police, who find traces of Ali’s blood while also finding traces of someone else’s blood… the biggest catch of all is it isn’t Garretts!

2. Garrett isn’t guilty — Surprise, surprise, Garrett didn’t kill Ali. First, we find out that Garrett’s evidence is being tampered with; which would cause the case to be dismissed due to lack of evidence. But then we find out that Ali’s anklet did not contain traces of Garrett’s blood and then to top it all off Spencer gets a text from A saying that Garrett is not Ali’s killer. What an episode!

3. Ezra has 50,000 dollars in his sock drawer — Okay, before we all start jumping to conclusions… cough… Aria, this isn’t the same $50,000 dollars that Jason promised he would give to anyone who knew info on Ali’s death… this is $50,000 dollars that Ezra got from selling his grandfather’s old car …. I just feel like if someone would pay that much money in cash it would have to be ‘A’ … so I’m interested in seeing what will happen here.

4. Holden kidnapped Emily — Well, just like every other episode Emily has another flashback in which she finally sees her kidnapper well his tattoo at least. As the episode continues Emily runs into Holden who she notices has the same tattoo as the guy from her flashback. When confronted by this Holden makes up a shady excuse and leaves… if that doesn’t sound sketch I don’t know what does.

5. Officer Wilden thinks Hanna is trying to help Garrett — Hanna leaves a note for A in Mrs. Reynolds’s hospital room that says A should meet Garrett at Rosewood’s church basement. But once Hanna gets there she discovers Officer Wilden is there and he accuses Hanna of trying to help Garrett…. Boy does Wilden always get the facts wrong?

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  1. To says:

    Amber rose was Also the color of HANNAs lip stick in the first season too!!!

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