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iStash hides all your “goods”

Posted on July 13, 2012 by

If you’re looking for a stealthy way to hide your “goods,” the iStash has you covered. MTMi (More Than Meets the i) came up with this new product that looks like an iPhone from the outside but opens up so you can hide your valuable knick knacks, though obvs some people are already thinking “iStash — more like DrugStash.” [Note: now a whole bunch of people with the iStash are like “thanks, now I need to find a new hiding place for my drugs.” Deal with it. ]

Anyway, the iStash is REALLY meant to discreetly store personal belongings like business cards, credit cards, illicit drugs, cash, ID’s, gum, cigarettes, lighters, makeup and jewelry.

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8 Responses to “iStash hides all your “goods””

  1. Dan says:

    I would have thought that hiding valuables in something that appears to be rather valuable is a little counter productive…

  2. Jb Branston says:

    yep, i think we’re all thinking the same thing. they make those fake coke cans you can stash in your cupboard, that’s a very good idea.. better still pepsi

  3. Tara Lynn says:

    In what world would I ever possibly need to hide gum or makeup? What the hell kind of mugger mugs people for their blush and powder?

  4. Because no one would ever steal an ipod.

  5. Noch says:

    In what universe do you disguise things as something MORE EXPENSIVE in order to hide them? What iDiot came up with this?

  6. Ahaha says:

    i think they made this to hide your drugs, but they are just giving you other ideas of what you can hide. this is probably better to use if you are trying to hide things from your parents.

  7. Jimmyj116 says:

    Hahaha….you silly honest people. It’s for keeping your stash hidden from COPS when you get pulled over.

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