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Here’s what the Kardashians, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and other celebs will look like in 20 years

Posted on July 12, 2012 by

While I appreciate this depiction of what the Kardashians will look like in 20 years, I don’t really believe it. This is what the sisters would look like if they aged naturally LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE but alas, they’re the Kardashians and will probably use all sorts of magical anti-aging treatments from back alley sorcerers.

Kim, of course, will disappear for a longterm “holiday,” which is obvs code for the surgeon’s office. Meanwhile, Kourtney will use something more natural like whale sperm or leaches to maintain her perfect complexion. If anyone were to stay natural my guess would be Khloe.

That said, I think these hypothetical future mantle portraits by Planet Hiltron are hilarious. Kim and Kanye look like a Southern couple from the 90s who bring their five kids to the Fry Shack on weekends. But come on, we all know in 20 years Kanye will be living in a penthouse on Mars, wearing a gold space suit he designed himself. So he won’t have to worry about aging silly.

Here are some other celebs in 20 years:

Nicki Minaj:


The Olsens

Beyonce and Jay-Z

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    i think you’ve missed it with jay and b