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What You Missed on PLL “That Girl is Poison”

Posted on July 11, 2012 by

A is back this week and we know what that means: a new string of drama for the girls and a new forum of entertainment for me. This week’s episode was better then ever; it was actually worth the week wait that we all had to suffer through.

Just in case you missed it here is what happened on this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, “That Girl is Poison.”

Jenna admits she can see — what is Jenna up to? First she exposes that she is able to see even though she promised the girls she wouldn’t. Then she invites Mr. Fitz to her birthday party and begins to flirt with Maya’s cousin. That’s one way of getting closer to the girls, that’s for sure…

Emily and Paige are back together? — In this week’s episode Emily decides to reconnect with Paige. First, she invites her to go see the new Katy Perry movie [side note everyone go see it] but then once she realizes she has to work at Jenna’s party that day she reschedules. This results to Paige going to Jenna’s party, seeing Emily with Maya’s cousin, getting jealous and then drunk, and ending up in the hospital. Some first date. I personally think it’s too soon for Emily to date even though I did hate Maya.

Emily is being messed with — While at Jenna’s party, Emily finds out that not all her clothes were burned from the night Alli’s grave was found empty. In fact, her jacket is being donated to a church, the same church that Hanna volunteers at luckily. So Hanna is then able to buy it back and give back to Emily. And if that wasn’t enough Emily also finds out that Paige was drugged with marzipan at Jenna’s party. But what Emily soon finds out is that that drug wasn’t meant for Paige — that drug was meant for her. It was in the flask she drank from on the night that Ali’s body disappeared. Talk about mystery.

Lucas is still being sketch — Not only does Lucas threaten Aria in this episode but we also find out that Lucas carries the drug marzipan in one of his film canisters. If that doesn’t spell A-team then I don’t know what does!

Mrs. Reynolds is in the hospital – In the beginning of the episode Mrs. Reynolds (Garrets mom) was sent to the hospital. This granted Garret a free day away from jail to go see her. But once Spencer investigates the hospital room in which Mrs. Reynolds is staying in she then discovers that Garret has left a little message in Mrs. Reynolds’s hospital band. Could this message be for A? Or did Garret know Spencer was going to snoop …meaning he left it for her?

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