Would you put sunscreen on this hairy back?

Posted on July 10, 2012 by

Shudder. This dude put fake hair all over his back and asked unsuspecting beach goers to massage SPF all over it. Pretty much everyone he asks opens their jaws in amazement, politely passes and hands back the sunscreen. A couple burst out laughing or bravely suggest he shave it all off.

 recorded the prank from a camera he stealthily hid in his SUV, which has tinted windows.  I’m pretty sure if this guy asked me to put sunscreen on his back I’d be torn. I wouldn’t want to offend him (some people can’t help it!) but at the same time I’d be all like “actually I’m allergic to sunscreen, can’t do it.” At the same time, I’m surprised by how many people are so rude to him.

How would you react?

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