World trickers compete at championship games

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When I first heard about the World Tricking Championship I legit thought it was some type of international prankster competition where a bunch of Ashton Kutcher look-a-likes assembled in a busy city and played jokes on unassuming citizens, monitored by a panel of judges. Well, apparently I was WAY off base, which makes sense because the logistics involved in a pranking competition would be complex.

In fact, tricking is a form of acrobatics where the athletes combine chains of acrobatic kicks, flips and twists in combinations or combos. Used in a sentence (provided by Urban Dictionary):

Gymnast #1: *in flamboyant voice* Oh my god! Those stupid trickers are taking up the entire floor again!
Gymnast #2: At least they aren’t as bad as those Parkour-Freerunner guys…

Now that that’s cleared up I can get to the real point. The World Tricking Championship was held in Las Vegas in May and they recently released a mashup showcasing the best routines. The competitors are basically superheroes, flipping and flying like it’s no big deal. I love that tricking focuses on fitness but also self-expression, so there’s a real emphasis on individuality.

Watch it here:

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