Musical Prozac: Lykke Lie, Rachel Crow and DJ Khaled

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“Silver Springs” — Lykke Li

Lykke Li’s recent cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Silver Springs” puts a new spin on the emotional classic. While Lykke Li may not have as strong a personal connection to the song as Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks, she manages to give the song new life with her expressive vocals pounding with reverb and a slow buildup to that heart wrenching chorus. Move over Adele, I think I just found my new breakup song. You can catch Li’s version of “Silver Springs” on the upcoming Fleetwood Mac cover album Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac, released August 14.

“Mean Girls” — Rachel Crow

Finally, an up and coming pop star who doesn’t rely on sex and partying to sell her first single. Fourteen-year-old ex X-Factor contestant Rachel Crow is a breathe of fresh air in the bullying themed music video for “Mean Girls,” off her debut self-titled EP. The video features candid shots of young girls who have been victims of bullying, and Crow gives a heartfelt performance urging her audience to stay strong and never give up. The girl is extremely talented and seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Hopefully future pop stars will learn something from Crow.

“I wish you would” — DJ Khaled ft. Kanye West and Rick Ross

DK Khaled dubbed his new single with Kanye West and Rock Ross, a “monstrous earthquake” before it was released. Well, make sure you listen to this new track off Khaled’s upcoming album Kiss the Ring in a safe place, because he was right. Khaled recruits two of the biggest rappers in the industry to feature in his new track, and since Kanye West hasn’t released a flop single in…ever…the single definitely delivers. It has a great, hard beat, Kanye finally shows off his autotuned singing skills circa 2008, and Rozay is just as aggressive as always. Kiss The Ring drops on August 21.

“Survival” — Muse

The London 2012 official Olympic theme song has been chosen, and British rockers Muse have been graced with the honor of having their song, “Survival,” be the chosen one. The track sounds like an apocalyptic opera, with some very obvious Bohemian Rhapsody influence. While the lyrics are a little too obvious for my likes, you can tell that Muse definitely put a lot of hard work and conviction into this track and grand guitar break in the middle will give you chills. I can’t wait to hear this track played a million times this summer during the olympics!

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