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Shaquille O’Neal sings ‘Purple Rain’ With Hair

Posted on July 7, 2012 by

If there’s anything more ridiculous than seeing Shaquille O’Neal in Kazaam, it’s seeing him with some odd-looking hair.

Sporting a hilarious wig, the basketball star recorded a video in the make-up trailer while getting ready to shoot a stint as a police officer on the set of “Grown Ups 2”.

“I’m goin’ bald. This is a sad day. I can’t believe I’m going bald,” Shaq says with a sob in the video. Then, as Prince’s “Purple Rain” starts blaring in the background, the basketball player lip syncs along as he cries and laments about the state of his hair.

Oh Shaq.  This is funny and everything, but please stick to your day job.


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