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Ron Perlman becomes Hellboy once again for charity

Posted on July 7, 2012 by

While Hellboy  may not be a superhero who exists in real life, the man who played  him on the big screen is awesome enough to take the time and give a little boy named Zachary the best day ever!

Ron Perlman, who starred in “Hellboy” and “Hellboy 2”, reprised the role of the red-horned superhero for the Make-A-Wish foundation by getting into costume.

But according to Spectral Motion, the special effects company behind the “Hellboy” look, Zachary didn’t just want to meet his favourite superhero.  He also wanted to become Hellboy himself!

So with the help of make-up artists, this super-lucky fan’s dreams were fulfilled.

What a lovely and sweet thing for Ron Perlman to do. In this fickle world, it’s nice to see celebrities performing gestures like these for the fans.



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