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Spider-Man versus Batman in Toronto

Posted on July 6, 2012 by

Spider-Man is certainly getting his share of attention these days considering The Amazing Spider-Man was just released in theatres. But he shouldn’t boast too much because The Dark Knight Rises will be in theatres on July 20. The two heroes bumped into each other in Toronto and after spewing some angry dialogue at each other, they literally started fighting in Dundas Square, Pizza Pizza the TTC and on Queen Street to prove who’s more badass.

I don’t know what I’d do if I was on the subway, half-heartedly attempting to finish my crossword when all of a sudden Spider-Man and Batman start brawling in my peripheral vision. I’d probably try not to stare too much during such an intense confrontation and instead sneakily pull out my camera so I could be all like “Yo, I totally just saw Batman and Spider-Man take knocks at each other on the train” to my non-believer friends (shun).

I can’t say with certainty who wins this battle — while Spider-Man has heart you really don’t want to mess with Batman because he’s so damn cool and his voice is kind of scary.

The video was posted on , where you can also watch Batman meet Chad Vader and the Joker.

Watch it here:

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