Three covers of One Direction’s “One Thing” you have to hear

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Even if you’re not into chippy boy bands or One Direction singles you have to admit that their songs are pretty damn catchy and deep down you’re actually obsessed. No really, you are but just don’t want to admit it.

Still, it’s nice to hear interpretations of an original song. By changing the tempo and pitch, artists can change the vibe of a track entirely. Suddenly, you start liking a song you might not have listened to in the first place.

Here are three of our faves: 


The preppy ladies from glee-style group CIMORELLI put a girly twist on their “One Thing” music video, filming it at the community playground. The neon-clad ladies are all sisters from California and took some visual inspiration from their little brothers. ADORBZ.

Morgan Wheeler 

If you listen to this song sans video, it sounds like Morgan Wheeler has an entire band and background singers behind her. But she actually plays every instrument herself, making me feel like a musical failure. She’s a self-taught musician who sings and plays the drums, guitar and piano. You’d think she was some sort of child prodigy but she only started playing two years ago.

Alex Goot / Chad Sugg

We’re bombed with a lot of female covers because, come on, it’s One Direction and they’re like magnets for teen girls. So we doubly like Alex Goot and Chad Sugg’s cover of “One Thing,” which doesn’t stray too much from the original version but it’s nice to hear a cover from two dudes for a change.

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