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Nina Dobrev makes suncreen sexy in rap PSA

Posted on July 5, 2012 by

It’s about time a relevant member of Young Hollywood like Nina Dobrev takes up a worthy cause like encouraging you to apply a liberal amount of SPF when you’re in the sun. You’ve got to avoid those UVA and UVB rays this long weekend or else you’ll end up with burnt toast skin like the Tan Mom.

Dobrev and Nick Braun head to the beach on a sweltering day, but not without their old school tape that has catchy, pre-recorded “lotion music” on it. They rap about the importance of Hawaiian Tropic SPF. They also sneak in some pop culture references to Will Smith in Wild Wild West as well as less on-topic movies like Hancock and Pursuit of Happyness. Just because it rocks.

The PSA parody was put together for Funny or Die.

Watch it here:

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