PLAYLIST: How to pair a song with your favourite summer activities

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Like fine wine and cheese, there’s a different track for every summer activity. Musical Prozac columnist and song connoisseur Azra Kassam considered the fine balance of tempo, melody and beat to match your favourite summer tracks with the activity du jour. 

During the summer, I find everything takes on a magical quality and I fully appreciate life’s simple pleasures under the glorious sunshine. But even the greatest moments can be made better with a complementary song to highlight the fine notes of freshly cut grass, blue skies and easy living. While there’s something to be said for the sounds of nature, here are a few recommendations when the silence just isn’t cutting it.

If you’re: Cleaning your room on a Sunday morning with all the windows open…

Try: “On Top of the World,” Imagine Dragons

Why: As awesome and fun as summer can be, mundane chores still need to be done. Fortunately, bands like Imagine Dragon produce great “pick-me-up” songs that will turn any boring task into one that will have you dancing and singing your way to a sparkling room in no time! The positive lyrics will remind you why you love life, and the rhythmic clapping will force a smile on your face whether you like it or not.

If you’re: Road tripping with your best friend with the windows down and the wind whipping through your hair…

Try: “Gold on the Ceiling,” Black Keys

Why: Since “Gold on the Ceiling” is off the Black Keys’ album El Camino, named after a 60s model Chevy, it’s only fitting that you start off your road trip playlist with this great garage rock track. In fact, go ahead and throw all the tracks off El Camino on that playlist while you’re at it. “Gold on the Ceiling,” with its bluesy riffs and driving bass (no pun intended) will be sure to keep you awake at the wheel.

If you’re: Laying under the stars with your summer love…

Try: “Silenced By the Night,” Keane

Why: There’s something about Keane lead singer Tom Chaplin’s voice that just makes you want to fall in love. Keane’s newest ballad is a wistful tune about a broken relationship. While the lyrics are a bit on the melancholy side, the rolling piano backing Chaplin’s smooth voice will make the moment you clasp your summer love’s hand under the star-filled sky a magical one.

Ifyou’re: Laying on the beach tanning under the hot sun…

Try: “Obedear,” Purity Ring

Why: For me, relaxing in the sun in my favourite bikini feeling the hot sun sizzling on my skin is my favourite way of escaping my everyday worries. Purity Ring’s “Obedear” is a spacey, mysterious track that will give you goosebumps no matter how hot that sun is. Let the atmospheric ambiance, pure vocals and electronic synthesizers transport you to your favourite place and wash your troubles away.

If you’re: Sitting around a bon fire with friends in the middle of the woods…

Try: “Saw You First,” Givers

Why: Say goodbye to the tired old Kumbayas and say hello to the Givers. With folk-inspired finger-picked guitars and three-part harmonies, “Saw You First” is a great track to sit by the bonfire with your closest friends and ponder life’s mysteries. The song has a great melody that will be stuck in your head as soon as you hear it, but I also guarantee that summer moment in the woods with your closest friends around a small campfire will stick with you.

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