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Judd Apatow Gives Advice to Teen Girls

Posted on June 29, 2012 by

What better way to receive life advice than from middle aged men?

In Rookie Mag’s “Ask A Grown Man” feature, funny screenwriter and director Judd Apatow provides his wisdom on some of the more pressing questions young women of today may have including gossip, kissing and physical attraction.

He’s slightly awkward, but at the same time it’s ever so endearing.
When he’s asked by a girl whether or not she should change the way she is for a guy, he offers: “You should never change yourself under any circumstances because you know what? You’ll always be you. But you’ll be you acting crazy trying to act like somebody else.”

He then goes on with a jingle about the importance of being oneself (“The most important person in the world is you, it’s you!”) and tells girls to raise the standards because “cool people will like you for who you are.”
You tell em’ Judd.

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    ur wife part.. lote of boxes is what i saw lol..

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