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Justin Bieber sings “Baby” to a baby

Posted on June 28, 2012 by

Justin Bieber made an appearance on Bethenny today to talk about everything from his tattoos, baby-daddy allegations, his new Girlfriend fragrance and most importantly his fourth album to hit a #1 on Billboard, Believe.

Backstage, Bethenny’s adorable daughter Bryn seemed to be the luckiest girl out of the whole studio audience because she got her own jam sesh with JB. He serenaded her while singing “Baby,” but she seemed to be a little shocked, I don’t blame her! Finally, she let out “Biebs,” after Justin playfully tickled her saying, “Where’s the smiles?” which made the whole thing a million times cuter! Bethenny later tweeted out to Justin, “That was amazing. You were so great with Bryn. You’re gonna make a great dad one day.”

Justin is not only a charmer and the envy of teenage boys (and men) everywhere, but he’s amazing with young kids. He always seems to make time for family, with his two younger siblings Jazzy and Jaxon, as well as Avalanna aka Ms. Bieber whom has a special place in his heart.

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Justin spontaneously performs hit single for his beliebers

Yesterday night, Justin was the musical guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno where he performed Boyfriend. Following his appearance, he could of sped away off to his lavish new home but instead, pulled over in his van to sing acoustically for his Beliebers. He started off by asking everyone where they were from and made it seem very personal. With the help of guitarist Dan Kanter, he sang “Boyfriend,” making everyone excessively fangirl while being overshadowed by a swarm of camera phones. Manager Scooter Braun told the paps to stay back because this was about the fans. If there’s one artist who appreciates their fans more than anyone else, it’s Justin Bieber.

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