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What I learned on this week’s episode of PLL, “Birds of a Feather”

Posted on June 27, 2012 by

This week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars includes many visits from old and new characters. Sadly, Ezra never makes an appearance (this girl is majorly crushing on him) but hey, there’s always next week.

Here are all the characters you missed on this week’s episode, “Birds of a Feather.”

1) Jason is back — My second favourite heartthrob, Jason, comes back to Rosewood and has a very public spat with Victoria Hastings concerning her defending Garrett. He begins to post signs all around Rosewood offering a $50,000 cash prize to anyone who can return Ali’s body. At the end of the episode, Jason is seen writing a $50,000 cheque to someone! Could this mean they found Ali’s body?!

2) Caleb and Hanna break up — After what seems like a never-ending battle between Caleb and Hanna over why Hanna must visit Mona, Caleb dumps her. This is pretty upsetting because they were super cute together. But just like every couple on the show, they’ll probably get back together eventually. However, I predict Hanna will have a steamy hook-up with Wren before she gets back together with Caleb. And I will NOT be able to handle that since I’m a diehard Spencer and Wren fan!

3) Melissa is the black sawn — Spencer and the girls find traces of the black sawn costume in Melissa’s closet. Once confronted, Melissa admits to being the black sawn but only because she was blackmailed into doing so. Once again Melissa is proven innocent. As for Garrett,  Victoria is taking on his case because one of the public defense witnesses was the P.I who she hired to spy on Melissa. Hence Melissa could have been a suspect in Alison’s murder if the P.I was questioned. See? The Hastings family never does anything just to be nice! They always have another motive.

4) Maya’s cousin pays a visit to Rosewood — Maya’s cousin comes to Rosewood to seek out Emily. Once he finally finds her he gives Emily a gift Maya ordered for her before she died. This gift is a T-shirt from a movie Maya and Emily watched on their first date. I personally think Maya’s cousin is into Emily but that just might be me. I guess we’ll see where that relationship will lead.

5) Mona is no longer allowed to have visitors — After the Mona/Caleb incident last week, Mona is no longer allowed to have visitors. How will A contact her now? This turn of events doesn’t stop Hanna from trying to sneak in to see Mona. But of course, she fails. The only person who actually gets to see Mona is Wilden, the girls favorite detective, I say oh so sarcastically! If Wilden is back this could only mean one thing for the girls…. trouble!

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